Invite.Studio isn't just your regular editor app, it is an idea, a concept, one that begs your attention, because what we have to offer is unlike anything else out there. Greeting cards, wedding invitations, an option for every occasion - we're here for your every need.

At Invite.Studio, we have all the cards, invitations, and festive greetings for all your special occasions. Whether its a lavish, fairy tale wedding ceremony, a sweet sixteen birthday bash, an aesthetic, elegant baby shower, or a simple housewarming party surrounded by your loved ones, we have a card for every momentous event in your life. Signed, sealed, and delivered in your inbox, Invite.Studio is the fastest and most convenient way to send invitations in Pakistan.


Cards, invitations, animated videos, we have it all. And with the click of a button or a tap on your phone screen, we'll have a card of your choosing with your very own customization ready to be sent out. Whether you're looking to save a little cash on your wedding or you don't feel like bothering with having your wedding invitations printed at all, our digital cards are the way to go. 


Browse through our website, or our pages over at Facebook and Instagram for a look at what we have to offer. Happy shopping!

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